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Our team of industry experts can manage the entire intake process for you
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Get to Know you

We begin by thoroughly researching your practice, competitors and market. Our goal is to get to know your business so well that we can truly become and extension of your team. This research combined with our industry expertise arms our team with those insights that make your dental practice special.

  • Brand Research
  • Brand Personality
  • Competitive Advantage

Attract new patients

Next, we create a marketing strategy using insights from your research that’s uniquley tailored for your practive. This strategy includes a logo, a newly optimized website and a marketing campaign designed to drive both new patients and keep existing patients coming back for additional services

  • Robust Marketing Strategy
  • Newly Optmized Website
  • On-target Messaging

connect with patients

We don’t stop there. Our team will own the entire intake process from booking appointments to appointment reminders and online follow-up communications. We can help establish an easy, comfortable rapport that results in more patients showing up. Even better – this frees up your staff to focus on the most important aspects of your dental practice.

  • Dedicated Call Center
  • Automated Communications
  • Online Patient Scheduling

Educate your staff

We negage and train your staff to develop communciation skills to help guide patients toward additional and proactive treatments. Subsequently, staff education leads to increased profits and improved employee retention.

  • Professional Coaching
  • Case presentation tools & training
  • Performance Reports

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