Book better appointments

We will schedule your appointments, send patient reminders, and book more treatments.

Book Better Appointments

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Your Turn-key Patient Intake Process

Automate patient bookings with online scheduling

Give your patients the flexibility to book directly online at any time from any device.


Book the most desired treatments

We’ll teach your team how to proactively book more and better treatments for new and existing patients.

Get a hands-free live response team

We’ll communicate via text with all new leads and schedule new patient appointments for you.


Reduce the number of patient no shows

Our automated customer communication process results in more patients showing up for their scheduled appointments.

A Complete Dental Practice Platform

In addition to booking appointments, we’ll handle your dental marketing strategy, proactively add more profitable treatments and more.

Complete Dental Marketing

We’ll create and run effective advertising campaigns for your dental practice.
Attract New Patients

Increase Your Profits

With the improved efficiencies in your practice, you’ll grow profits, improve morale, increase retention, and more
Deliver Better Results

Get More Connections With Less Work

From appointments to reminders, we have your dental intake process covered.